Development stopped, source released
31-10-2006 by dyna

While being in the process of archiving old websites i found this one hidden somewhere. It turns out i also still have the code aswell and will hereby release everything there is: 0.05 (no clue on the status other then what the changelog says, hey it's been more then 2 years :), 0.03 (as some people where having issues with 0.04) and all sources. Get them from the download page.
The reason the source wasn't release earlier wasn't because we wanted to keep it secret, but because we wanted to release it under the GPL. However we never succeeded in contacting the original coders.

0.04 released!
19-07-2004 by dyna

PureCTF Pro 0.04 has been released, get it from the download page.
This version incorperates Pure CTF 2.12 by Dalcon, which has some very nice features like map voting and player inviting and lot's more.
But there's also some fixes from us like runedrop and quaddrop bugs, teamnames in demo recording (be sure to set team names instead of red and blue) and some added maps. Expect a new mappack soon.
Also i've been working on enhanching the server package for easy installation, so the old one has been removed, but a new version will be posted soon.

"New" code recieved
14-07-2004 by dyna

I recieved the source for Pure CTF 2.12, a modification made by Dalcon. His code has many great additions to the original Pure CTF code. Thanks again Dalcon.
Also Herr Z, who already contributed to the hasty 0.03 release, has made some great new improvements. So expect the next release soon.

Also check the updates on the About and Todo pages.

0.03 released!
19-05-2004 by dyna

PureCTF Pro 0.03 has been released, get it from the download page.

Site up
10-05-2004 by dyna

Site is up! Now let's get to the source of this :P