Why? In god's name WHY?!?!?!

Because qwctf is being played again! There is even a League!
Seriously, the original Pure CTF code is very outdated, so the idea of this project is to make the code up to date, so it's features will match features from newer qw mods.

Who will be working on it?

Right now there's Herr Z and me, dyna.
Other credits go to: Methabol for the original Pure CTF mod, Dalcon for heavily modified Pure CTF code, Sneek for the userid code and majic as motivator.
We're ofcourse always looking for other people willing to help and create a better CTF mod, or to make a suggestions. Just mail us.

What's the goal of the project?

The goal of the project will be to make the Pure CTF code up to date and to fix the known bugs/limitations/irritations present in the code.
Read the Todo to get an accurate description of what's about to happen.